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‘The Awesome Frost’ to air regularly on 95.7 FM WELT – Frost Illustrated

FORT WAYNE—Starting Friday, April 7 at 6:30 p.m., on 95.7 FM WELT radio, and dropping Fridays from then on is The Awesome Frost.

Frost Illustrated newspaper, along with the African/African American Historical Society Museum (AAAHSM, “pronounced Awesome”), will collaborate on a (mostly) local-history interview show, The Awesome Frost. The show will be curated and hosted by William Bryant Rozier, and will feature pre-edited segments of oral histories.

This citywide oral history initiative, soon to include short video documentaries, was the brainchild of Frost Illustrated’s Managing Editor Michael Patterson, and the AAAHSM’s Volunteer Executive Director Dr. John Aden.

Rozier, overseeing the citywide initiative, will continue his already in-progress oral history projects: the Sounds of Central, the archiving of music from the shuttered Central High, and Hip-Hop: From the Root to the Fruit, the archiving of Fort Wayne hip-hop. Works from both projects, cultivated for the AAAHSM, will make appearances on The Awesome Frost. The show will be broadcasted on the Allen County Public Library’s radio network.

Rozier, a contributing writer and editor for Frost Illustrated, also plans to provide print introductions to upcoming shows from time to time.

Out the gate, on April 7, interviewee Michael Patterson discusses growing up in the once African American thriving part of town known as Westfield. Patterson’s story gets an assist by 91-year-old lifelong Westfield-er Wilhelmina Stuart Hayden, who will have her own shows in the subsequent weeks.

Continuing themes addressed by Patterson (black folks owning businesses and the vitality of music), Vicki Wade and Patricia Hatcher discuss working at the black-owned Cool FM and co-owning Tall Man Record Shop, respectively. Both are hip-hop oral histories.

Photographer James “Man, I’m Retired” Redmon is also on deck. Some of shows will have multiple parts, as the content produced thus far is deep.

Topics for future shows will cover the general (music, education, sports, healthcare) to the specific (how the creation of BET, Black Entertainment Television, had Fort Wayne roots).

For a taste of the future, hit up The Awesome Frost’s Soundcloud page to hear Michael Patterson’s Part 1 Westfield story, along segments from the other oral history (from-the-AAAHSM) projects.

The Awesome Frost’s page: https://soundcloud.com/aaahsmfrost.

DJ Polaris (Ghani Zahir), one-half of the Music Lover’s Lounge, provides the music for the show.

If you would like to be interviewed for the project, for the purpose of appearing on The Awesome Frost, contact myself, William Bryant Rozier, at 260.348.4465. Can come to you, or can meet at the library.

The Awesome Frost, every Friday at 6:30 P.M., on 95.7 FM WELT, starts April 7.

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