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Sep 16

Why Can African Americans Have A Bet But It Would Be Considered Rascist If Caucasians Had A Wet?

why is it that african americans can have a black entertainment television, but if Caucasians had a white entertainment television, we would be considered racists? if their was a WET, african americans would protest that we were discriminating them! aren’t they discriminating against caucasians, by having a BET?

Sep 12

Why Is The First Black Female Billionaire Backing A Republican Instead Of A Democrat?

She’s the nation’s first black female billionaire, a co-founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) whose political contributions skew heavily Democratic, and in 2005 she backed the now outgoing-Democratic Gov.Tim Kaine’s bid for office. But now Sheila C. Johnson has crossed the aisle to endorse Republican Bob McDonnell in his bid to be Virginia’s chief executive, …

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Sep 08

Why Is There A Black Entertainment Awards, But Not A White Entertainment Awards?

I’m talking about the BET Awards. Black Entertainment Television. I have never come across a WET. 😀 Just wondering.

Sep 04

If There Is Black Entertainment Tv Why Isnt There White Entertainment Tv?

If there is black entertainment television (bet)why isnt there white intertainment television?? Isn’t that kind of racist towards white people? I feel that alot of people dont realize racism goes both ways. Just like black history month, if there was a white history month people would be ticked. Just wounder if anyone else has an …

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Aug 31

When Ceases To Be Business Black Entertainment Television For Viacon Believe It Disappear The Channel?

When ceases to be business black entertainment television for viacon believe the disappearance of the channel. as well as did it with upn

Aug 27

How Come It Is Alright To Have Black Entertainment Television?

isn’t that a little wrong to have a station called Black entertainment television? What would happen if they had a white entertainment television?